5 Best Printer with Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2020 Reviews

5 Best Printer with Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2020 Reviews

Buying the Best Printer with Scanner that meets all of your needs requires understanding your purpose and the features of the printers. Here we have listed down a list of the multifunctional printers with scanning features of all price range in Bangladesh.

Be it printing photos or documents or scanning features, we have covered it all here. Before selecting a printer at first, you MUST understand the scanner types and the features they offer.

First of all, there are regular printers and all-in-one printers.

  •  Regular printers function as a traditional printer. It only produces printing. 
  • All-in-one printers are multifunctional. They can perform printing, copying, and scanning.

Both Regular and multifunctional printers are of two types

Laser printers

  • Used for a massive volume of printings
  • Generally used for documents printing
  • Requires lesser consumables
  • Perfect for mid-size business and those who work at home

Inkjet printers

  • Used for photo high-quality photo printing
  • Requires more cartilages
  • Perfect for photo printing shop or home use
  • Can produce high-quality image-heavy document prints

Best printer with scanners of 2020 in Bangladesh

We are hoping that you know what kind of printer you need by now. Let’s go through the top 5 printers with the scanner in Bangladesh.

In case you don’t want to go through the descriptions you can check out below. Here are our best multifunction Printer picks at a glance. 

  1. Toshiba e-Studio 2518A Copier with RADF & Network Printer
  2. Toshiba E Studio 2829A Smart Network Duplex Printing MFP
  3. Toshiba e-Studio 4518A A3 Medium Work Copier Machines
  4. Toshiba E Studio 5518A Heavy Duty MFP Copier Machines
  5. Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM Multi-functional Copier Machine

If you are interested in details, scroll further down to learn more about the printers with a scanner. We have covered the features and cost and price of all the printers.

#1. Toshiba e-Studio 2518A

Toshiba e-Studio 2518A

Suitable for small and medium workplaces and businesses, it is easy and convenient to use. It is one of the high-performance monochrome MFP. It is Is perfectly capable of printing on any Toshiba e-STUDIO. 

It is a high-end multifunctional that can copy, scan, and print. 2518A has customizable MFPs which `can produce high-quality images in high volumes. The customizable MFPs help make the work easier. Swiping their badges. 

Swiping the badge will retrieve the MRPs from the desktop. It was built on newly developed system architecture. It can easily integrate with other systems such as the cloud system. It has a touch-swipe panel which works just like smartphones and tablet’s interface. 

Built with advanced e Bridge technology, the printer has double scanning speed and self-encrypting top-level security. One can add additional security, as well. Dual scanning speed can save plenty of time for busy workflow. The toner yields 100,000 copies monthly, which is excellent. 

The Multi-Station Print Solution retrieves print jobs at any convenient MFP. 2518A is manufactured with recycled plastics (RoHS compliant) and low-power Super Sleep option to save resources. We are hoping that Eco-friendly features will excite the green conscious. The envelope cassette can hold 50 at a time.

#2. Toshiba E Studio 2829A 

Toshiba E Studio 2829A

What makes Toshiba E Studio 2829A exceptional that it can cope with double and multiple copying and scanning functions. It takes only 15 seconds to warm up. The machine itself appears sturdy and robust. There is no questioning about its durability. 

It can endure high workload capacity. Other than multiple scanning, it supports a continuous feed function of 150 pages. It is equipped with standard PCL printing language, which produces high-quality graphics and images. The multi-function USB interface supports printing and scanning via mobile phone USB cable. 

You can directly mobile print and scan with Toshiba’s newly launched mobile printing software. The wireless routing system can easily connect to hotspots and other wireless connections. To increase the paper input capacity, you can buy another paper tray. Some of the unique features of E Studio 2829A are Standard automatic duplex printing, One-Touch ID copying, interleaved paging.

#3. Toshiba e-Studio 4518A A3 

Toshiba e-Studio 4518A A3

4518A A3 is not much different from 2829A. It is an efficient model for demanding business workflow. It produces impressive monochrome document output. Just like the 2829A, it easily integrates into the cloud and mobile workflows and third-party solutions with advanced controller technology

It has Embedded apps that allow flexibility. More customization, thus, more productivity. It is ideal for heavy usage. 

Talking about the functionalities, along with a Customizable User Interface, it offers tillable, touch-swipe 10.1″ color panel. It is a Multi-Station Print Solution along with Fast Dual Scan Document Feeder. 

It is a perfect embody of advanced technology combined with ease-of-use. Multiple functions, lots of capacity, and a fresh new look make it one of the best multifunction printers.

Positive points

  • high-volume and high-quality documents at high-speed
  • Occupies minimal space, small to medium workgroup can easily use

#4. Toshiba E Studio 5518A

Toshiba E Studio 5518A

Some of you might already know that the eStudio series features advanced cloud and mobile printing capabilities, customized user interface. However, Toshiba 5518Aoffers superb image quality, clarity in all scanning, printing, and copying jobs. 

One can quickly change Its Automatic Image quality control function. That you can do it easily from a tablet-style touch color control panel. 

What about the consumables? Well, it has an easily replaceable unit design. It requires little consumables and supports duty cycles. 

This Monochrome Multifunction Device supports Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method. Just like the other models in this series, 5518A uses recycled plastics, RoHS compliance. 

Add a business app to enhance the functionality of the MFPs. By turning to TGI’s Managed Print experts, you can optimize the costs and be more responsible towards the environment.

What sets this model apart?

  • Slim Pdf scanning
  • Universal Print Driver
  • Outside Erase for copying books and 3D objects
  • Automatic Image quality control function 
  •  I intuitive operation installs user leads to maximum productivity
  • One-Touch Templates
  • Paper Volume Indicator

#5. Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM

Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM

The highlight of 2303A is that it is compact, easy to install. Management and operations are quite simple too. If you are someone in need of color print, this has to the right multifunctional printer. It meets the Energy Star international environmental standard. 

They have entirely eliminated the use of many harmful materials, such as lead and mercury. It is convenient for rotating and, networking printing. By connecting via USB cable, it supports color as well as black and white scans.

Moreover, it has unique energy-saving features of internal toner recycling. The operating panel is equipped with a four-line LCD and feature buttons, including a directional arrow key. So users can call up the features they need on the menu screen simply and easily. This interface delivers intuitive and efficient operation.

Some highlighting features of 2303A are

  •  background erase mode
  •  flexible configuration
  • new scan features
  • Entry-level MFP  
  •  The internal drive is similar to pc disk. The memory can retain substantial numbers of documents and scans
  • Auto sleep mode, Auto energy saver.

Why Toshiba e studio series

Toshiba is one of the leading brands in electronics. The reason why we chose Toshiba over HP, Canon and other brands is that Toshiba is Exceptional when it comes to updated technology. Their ethics and values are other important factors.

 The reason we choose the Toshiba e series printer is that they are versatile and durable in nature. Some other reasons are listed below

  • First, all of them perform multi-tasks in one machine. Printing, scanning and copying are the standard features of e Series. This eliminates the need to buy multiple devices for different tasks. Plus less maintenance cost and simple management is just what everyone needs
  • Secondly, it’s eco-friendly. We all know how modern technology is affecting the climate and the environment around us. 

Technology is necessary, but companies like Toshiba are trying to make a change. And that is much appreciated. If you would like to be a part of sustainable options, go for the Toshiba e series.

  •  The Estudio has adopted the e-BRIDGE architecture, which enables a secure connection with workflow systems. Moreover, it lets system customization for specific needs.
  • Compactness is what makes the Estudio series so accessible. Lightweight models easily fit into the small business and home purpose. They are a better substitute for black and white laser printers performing multitasks.
  • No to mention the ability to produce clear images and outputs. We bet they all can beat any other printers of the same price range.
  • The models mentioned above support the cloud system and other protocols and applications.
  • Consumables and accessories are the fundamentals of printers. All the consumables of Toshiba printers are readily available in Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh online and offline.
  • Lastly, Toshiba Multifunction printers are super fast and productive tools. We believe that the easy to use Toshiba MFPs can be a daily part of your work.

Best Printer with scanner price Bangladesh

If you are convinced and decided to buy a Toshiba multifunctional printers, we have included the price of every model. In case you are confused about which one to buy, consider your budget, and compare them from the list below. All of them are available on our website, www.binnakuri.com

Toshiba e-Studio 2518A Copier with RADF & Network Printer 
Price: MRP: 162,500 BDT

Toshiba E Studio 2829A Smart Network Duplex Printing MFP
Price: MRP: 88,500 BDT

Toshiba e-Studio 4518A A3 Medium Work Copier Machines
Price: MRP: 255,500 BDT

Toshiba E Studio 5518A Heavy Duty MFP Copier Machines
Price: MRP: 845,500 BDT

Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM Multi-functional Copier Machine
Price: MRP: 55,500 BDT