5 Best Digital printing machine price in Bangladesh

5 Best Digital printing machine price in Bangladesh

Earlier last year, all of our admirers, Sam, sent us an email for some small, safe, reasonable, and profitable small business ideas. He had just left the faculty and started grouping 5K business that would become a step into the music of his dream business. One of the ideas we gave him was a digital printing machine price in Bangladesh Business and he was the one who invented it. To cut a long story short, Sam has had enough business opportunity in 2 years to start a complex studio and is currently financially stable, guess what?

He foresaw that his press business was not closing as a result of the first plan. In fact, he plans to expand it with an expression of ‘falling in love’ with it. Obviously, there is one thing to try to do with the success of being associated with the business. Sam is naturally quoting Smart Management when we interview him about the problems that have contributed to his success, however, as an honest press machine goes without saying.

Friends, if you would like to get inspired by the digital printing machine price in Bangladesh, we can definitely encourage you to travel with this idea. If SAM does a good job with it then we are not seeing why.

But regardless of your management skills, the growth of your business can depend on the quality of the business and it can be determined by the press machine that you are exploiting.

Without further charring, we will introduce you to a maximum of 15 press machines and provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will come to mind when you start or develop a T-shirt printing concern.

Oh, and remember, a high-quality press machine isn’t just great for business; This can be a powerful tool for style dyers or hobbies.

Top 5 Digital printing machine price in Bangladesh

Product Name 


1. ASTHA CP 6500 CMYK Digital Color Production Printing Machine

BDT 4,585,500

2. Toshiba e-Studio 3018A Copier with RADF & Network Printer

BDT 178,500

3. Toshiba e-Studio 2309A Digital MFP Photocopier Machine

 BDT 75,500

4. Honeywell PC42t 203 DPI USB Desktop Barcode Label Printer 

BDT 31,500

5. Toshiba e-Studio 306 All-in-one Black & White Copier

BDT 845,500Text

Top 5 Digital printing machine in Bangladesh:

ASTHA CP 6500 CMYK Digital Color Production Printing Machine

ASTHA CP 6500 CMYK Digital Color Production Printing Machine

Astha CP6500 can be an efficient CMYK digital color production tool that can print different papers, some synthetic paper (PVC, EVC PET) and board cards: various such as plain paper, coated paper, matte coated paper, offset paper or dermatogen paper. Special paper weaved paper, snow-white, pearl paper and sticker. It will print business cards, menus, self-adhesive (stickers), labels, advertising flyers, calendars, books, magazines, posters, pictures, envelopes, business cards.

Technical Specification of ASPA CP6500 Model: Astha CP6500 Printing Mode: Indirect Transfer of Cycle Power Print Resolution: Printing: 1800 x 600 DPI, Scan: 600 x 600 DPI Tune-up Time: Approx.360 Seconds (slightly change according to the different environment temperature) CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K, Basic Frequency: 4GHz, Max Frequency: 4.4GHz Quad-core Eight Thread, Cache: 8MB Hard Disk: 2TB + 256G Solid-state Internal Memory: 16GB ddr3 1600 Paper Capacity: 500 Sheets * 3 Trays + 250 Sheets+2*3000 Sheets Large Paper Feed Cabinet Paper Format: 100*148mm – 330*1200mm Density Adjustment: Automatic and Manual Fusing: Roller Fixing Developing Mode: Dry, Two-component Magnetic Brush Developing Printing Speed: 65 Sheets/Min (A4) Copy Feature: Zoom Ratio Mediates between 25%-400% by 0.1% Growth Paper Weight: 62-350g / m2 Noise Level: Max 73dB Machine Size: Length: 2251mm Width: 992mm Height: 1480mm Power: AC 220V/16A Power Consumption: Max 3500W Weight: Approx. 450KG Zebra 170Xi4 Industrial High-Performance Label Printer.

Toshiba e-Studio 3018A Copier with RADF & Network Printer

Toshiba e-Studio 3018A Copier with RADF & Network Printer

Toshiba E-Studio 3018 Black & White Photostat has 1200 sheet paper capacity, twentieth warmup time, 4GB memory, 320GB HDD, 10.1-inch color WSVGA bit screen tilting show, thirty ppm print speed, 600 ppm print, 600 ppm print, 600 ppm print. Speed, 600 ppm print, speed, 600 ppm print speed, twenty-five ppm copy speed, 240 IPM twin scan speed, 585mm x 586mm x 787mm dimensions, automatic copy and duplicate, an Intel Atom dual-core .3.3c, Weight is 75.5kg.

Toshiba e-Studio 2309A Digital MFP Photocopier Machine

Toshiba e-Studio 2309A Digital MFP Photocopier Machine

Toshiba E-Studio 2303 AM Digital MFP Compact Light Weight A3 Machine The machine has high stability, high print image quality apparatus, twenty ppm copy, high-speed color scanning, convenient and economical rotation sorting, background deletion mode, versatile network configuration. Configuration and power-saving capabilities.

Honeywell PC42t 203 DPI USB Desktop Barcode Label Printer 

Honeywell PC42t 203 DPI USB Desktop Barcode Label Printer

PC42t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer sets new compact and user-friendly sets for exceptionally compact and easy-to-use, easy-to-use printers, and print quick, comfortable, reliable operation and intuitive style makes PC42 an ideal fit light-duty labeling application in various industries.

Available in 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) or 25.4 metric linear units (1 inch) ribbon key configurations, computer printers support one hundred and ten millimeters (4.3 inches) wide media, and 25-millimeter configuration fits directly with 3-meter prints (984) Feet. Ribbon Length – Four times a competitive supply. This reduces the duration and implies that the ribbons are shared with a larger printer.

The PC42 2 printer has four ports with industry-standard connectivity: common USB devices and hosts and festival physical serial or serial Ethernet. User-installed USB-to-parallel cable, PC42 only allows 2 printers to access any atmosphere

Support for compact size, general media simulation of ZPL-2 and EPL and direct upgrade from Honeywell Direct Protocol (DP), PC42, 2 printers, diversified Heritage Intercom, and competitive printers.

PC42t thermal transfer desktop printers include inexpensive, fashionable alternatives and a good resolution to increase productivity in labeling applications for small or medium businesses.

Toshiba e-Studio 306 All-in-one Black & White Copier

Toshiba e-Studio 306 All-in-One Black and White Duplicate This Toshiba e-Studio thirty-six exclusive duplicator machines include a warmup time: about twenty seconds; Copy of speed: 30 ppm; Cartridge Yield: (Black Toner Yield): 36.6K Impressions, (Drum Type / Yield: Organic Photoconductor, 80K; (Developer Manufacturing): 120K; Paper Size: Market Origin / Copy Paper Size: Statement-R; Paper Tray) : A x 5 sheet pair, one hundred sheet bypass stack feed; Zoom: (breeding ratio): twenty-five to 400%; Print Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi (with smoothing); Scan Resolution: One hundred dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi; Fax specification tip: (Communication mode): Super G3, G3; (Number of lines): one pair of lines; (Speed of modem): 33.6 kbps; (Transmission speed): about three seconds per page; Scoop paper supplies: 3,200 sheets, memory: one GB RAM, disk drive: sixty GB; Connection: Ethernet 10/100 / 1000BaseT, 802.11 b / g Wireless LAN, USB 2.0 etc. 2.0

The benefits of using this appliance include:

Printing materials such as simple screen printing have alternative strategies but stress is just one thing and its learning curve is not long or difficult.

It takes very little or no territory to press space punctuation compared to alternative clothing printing techniques. The easiest half is that even a compact digital printing machine price in Bangladesh handles some things together with cups, caps, t-shirts and lots.

Not enough cash available for those who want to apply to a garment company, printing is going to be a great possibility. You start by buying a great press for two hundred US dollars. Moving prices are horribly low.

The speed of these press machines is so fast; You may be able to print more of the baring shirt but associate in nursing hours. With 2 or 3 machines and one hand, you operate as efficiently as a small business.

What Should I Look for When Buying a T-Shirt Printing Machine?

First, you want to meditate on the substances, as a result, you just don’t want to travel to anything that is wasted. If you want to make one thing permanent, you can double the steel. Second, you want to meditate heat blades.

Be sure to distribute heat evenly if this does not happen. The option embeds attachments to evaluate required items, digital printing machine price in Bangladesh options, and sizes, as well as print options.

Some of these qualities can be hard to see, and they make online reviews work. This website provides you with honest data to support your analysis and has an Amazon review to guide you.

Final Word

If you are raising heavy designers there and the World Health Organization is poised to cover the industry, they will tell you that success should be the press. That’s why we encourage you to travel to Amazon and get your best machine.

We hope that once our hit press machine has been released through reviews, you’ve only got one or 2 of your own. We hope at once that your buying guide becomes useful (and still useful) in choosing the easiest digital printing machine price in Bangladesh for your needs.

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