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DORS 135 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector

Seller : BME Bangladesh ( বি এম ই বাংলাদেশ )

MRP. : BDT 0

Brand : DORS

Model : DORS 135

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DORS 135of ultraviolet counterfeit detectors are recommended for use at cash desks that generate the small amount receipts, for the companies eager to equip their cash desks for minimal costs. Ultraviolet viewing detectors DORS 135 are intended for visual authenticity control of world currencies.Ultraviolet viewing counterfeit detector DORS 135 is equipped with powerful upper UV-source that provides effective work at any bright room and day lighting, it provides user with the opportunity to define counterfeit bank notes in bundle and to check UV-marks on large size documents.  DORS 135 matt glass bottom with millimeter scale provides:  Verification of protective elements visible in white transmitted light; Verification of bank note size, appropriateness of protective marks location, measurement of the lost parts of bank notes (fitness for use of currency).

Technical specification

ModelDORS 135
Top Lighting 2 UV bulbs 6W (365nm) White light (daylight LED)
Total power of UV Source 12W
Bottom Lighting 1 DL bulb 6W
Measuring Scale on the backlighted viewing area
Connectors for DORS 10 and 15 2 jacks
UV Types of control Yes
Reflected white light of control No
Transmitted white light of control Yes
Size control Yes
Magnification Reflected oblique white control with magnification 10х
Magnetic & IR control Yes
Power supply 220V ~ 50Hz
Dimensions, (WхDхH) 266х131х131mm


বি এম ই গুলশান এবং মতিঝিল থেকে এই মাসের মধ্যে TDORS 135 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector মেশিন টি কিনলেই সাথে বিনামূল্যে / ফ্রি ডেলিভারি ।
*এই অফার টি শুধুমাত্র কর্পোরেট কাস্টমারদের জন্য প্রযোজ্য ।
** শর্ত প্রযোজ্য ।


12 Month Service Warranty Dhaka City.

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